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New FREE Welding App Identifies the Optimal Weld Process!

Sonics Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly AppIdentify the Optimal Weld Process for Specific Plastics and Find the Compatibility of Thermoplastic Materials – there’s an App for that!

Sonics has created an app for Apple and Android users featuring interactive tools that enable the user to quickly match a large range of thermoplastic materials to the most suitable assembly process; to see the compatibility of a wide spectrum of thermoplastic materials; and to find hand held welding tip specifications for spot welding, staking and insertion processes.

For example, to identify the optimal weld process for a specific material, the user simply selects whether the material is amorphous or crystalline and then clicks on the material, such as “ABS/Polycarbonate,” to view whether the processes of spot welding, conventional welding, staking/swaging and/or inserting are excellent, good, fair, poor or not suitable for that material.

Likewise, to find the compatibility of thermoplastic materials, the user selects a material from the menu, such as “Acrylic Multi-Polymer,” to view the other materials with which it is compatible.

To find hand held welding tips for staking, for instance, the user selects a Post type and a Boss diameter and can then view the recommended high and low profile tip sizes. Tip specifications are also provided for spot welding and inserting operations.

In addition to the interactive tools, the app also provides overviews as well as more detailed information on welding processes, applications and equipment, plus a handy reference for OEM systems’ integrators and special machinery builders. The app also contains videos, showing, for example, a demonstration of hand-held welding, and a convenient search feature.

User-friendly navigation and simple menus make it easy to find information on particular plastics joining applications, from the best welding process to the most compatible materials.

The App is available in both Android and Apple platforms and can be found on Google Play and iTunes at these links:


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