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Plastics Assembly

ElectroPress Welding SystemsRepeatable Welds to Precise Final Dimensions

Sonics’ 20, 30 and 40 kHz e-Press™ ultrasonic plastics assembly systems feature a stepper motor drive with optical linear encoder that provides superior precision control with a weld depth tolerance of +/-0.0003 inches (0.008 millimeters). Electric stepper motor with ball screw actuator assures repeatable welds to pre-set final weld requirements.

System is comprised of an e-Press, stepper controller and GX-series power supply best suited to your application(s). See the models listed below or click here to contact us for assistance.

Model e-Press

Model e-Press
  • 15 kHz available in 2500 watts
  • 20 kHz available in 1200, 2200 and 3500 watts
  • 30 kHz available in 1200 watts
  • 40 kHz available in 800 watts
  • Process data collection for statistical analysis
  • Programmable digital force, velocity and distance
  • 2 weld velocities for precise melt-down control

GX-Series Power Supplies

GX-Series Power Supply

Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic generators with horn/stack frequency display and digital amplitude control.

  • Model GXT – Monitor by digital time
  • Model GXE – Monitor by digital time and/or energy

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