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Plastics Assembly

Hot Plate WeldersWeld by Heat for Complex Shapes

Sonics builds custom hot plate welding systems for joining irregularly shaped semi-crystalline and amorphous thermoplastic materials by radiant or direct contact heat. Hot plate welding is available with pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo-controlled actuation.

Custom Hot Plate Welder

Custom Hot Plate Welders

  • 20” (508mm) x 60” (1524mm) Horizontal Platen
  • Hydraulic Actuation with Remote Pump System
  • Independent Part-to-Platen Pressure Control
  • Independent Part-to-Part Pressure Control
  • PLC Controlled System with Touch Panel Operator Interface
  • Multiple Heat Zones with Digital Temperature Control
  • Channeled Liquid Cooling for Radiant Heat Control
  • Vacuum Assist Contoured Tooling

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