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Stepper vs Servo – which motor is better for my application?

The short answer is, it depends on the application. For instance, typical ultrasonic assembly applications require an extremely slow and precise joining velocity, making them ideally suited for a stepper motor system, where the motor moves with absolute mathematical precision. More torque is available from a stepper motor in these ultrasonic applications that require slow, precise movement, enabling higher weld forces if needed. A stepper’s… View More


New FREE Welding App Identifies the Optimal Weld Process!

Identify the Optimal Weld Process for Specific Plastics and Find the Compatibility of Thermoplastic Materials – there’s an App for that! Sonics has created an app for Apple and Android users featuring interactive tools that enable the user to quickly match a large range of thermoplastic materials to the most suitable assembly process; to see the compatibility of a wide spectrum of thermoplastic materials; and to find hand held welding tip specifications for… View More