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30 kHz Welding SystemsFlexible Frequency Gaining Popularity

Our 30 kHz ultrasonic welding equipment offers you maximum flexibility for applications that fall in between the 40 and 20 kHz frequencies due to size, or cosmetic and materials considerations. Rapidly gaining popularity, the 30 kHz and 35 kHz frequencies are useful for a wide range of applications and thermoplastic components.

A complete 30 kHz system is comprised of a welder and a power supply best suited to your application(s). Click here to contact us for personalized assistance with your application.

Model 3050

Model 3050

Requires GX-Series power supply (See below)

  • Bench press with single-piece, cast aluminum base
  • Front panel pneumatic speed and pressure controls
  • Direct in-line air cylinder
  • Optional linear encoder for distance welding

Model 3055

Model 3055

Requires GX-Series power supply

  • Bench press with single-piece, cast aluminum base
  • Pneumatic speed and pressure controls
  • Direct in-line air cylinder

GX-Series Power Supplies

GX-Series Power Supply

For Models 3050 and 3055

Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic generators with horn/stack frequency display and digital amplitude control. Available in 1200 watts.

  • Model GXT – Weld by digital time mode
  • Model GXE – Weld by digital time and/or constant energy mode
  • Model GXL – Weld by digital time, constant energy and/or distance mode*
  • Model GXC – Weld by continuous duty mode or remote PLC

*available with Model 3050 Press only

Ordering Information

Description Model No.
30 kHz bench press with front panel pneumatic controls Model 3050
30 kHz bench press Model 3055

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