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Plastics Assembly

Spin WeldersPerfect for Round or Cylindrical Parts

Sonics’ high torque spin welding machines are designed to accommodate a wide range of spherical and cylindrical applications. 2 standard PLC-controlled spin welder models are available as well as custom units for the demands of automated in-line assembly systems and long extrusions that call for horizontally oriented machines.

A complete spin welding system is comprised of a welder and a power supply best suited to your application(s). See the models listed below or click here to contact us for assistance.

Spin Welder - Model 1010

Model 1010

  • Spin power head on dual columns
  • Fixed vertical opening with 10” space
  • Multi-horsepower electric motor drive
  • Dynamic braking
  • Pictured at left

Model 1020

  • Spin power head on dual columns
  • Adjustable vertical opening from 10” – 20”
  • Multi-horsepower electric motor drive
  • Dynamic braking

Power Supplies

Spin Welder Power Supply

Sonics’ spin welders are powered by a PLC logic-controlled power supply that controls the system's single and two-stage cycle modes, time-based weld settings and rpm adjustments.

Ordering Information

Description Model No.
Spin Welder system with fixed 10” vertical opening Model 1010
Spin Welder system with 10 – 20” adjustable opening Model 1020

View Model 1010/1020 Data Sheet