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Plastics Assembly

Vibration WeldersLinear Vibration Welding for Large or Multiple Parts

Sonics’ MX Series Linear Vibration Welding Systems are designed for assembling large and/or complex-shaped thermoplastic parts, and can also be tooled to assemble multiple smaller parts simultaneously. The MX Series can be used for vibration welding of virtually all thermoplastic materials, whether injection molded, extruded, formed or thermoformed. Common applications include automotive parts (carpet and trim to interior panels, head/tail light assemblies; manifolds, fuel tanks, etc.) and medical devices.

Vibration Welder

MX Series

  • Digitally controlled electromagnetic drive system
  • Weld in Time, Energy or Distance mode
  • Patented upper tool auto-tune control
  • User-friendly PLC system with color touch-panel operator interface
  • Closed loop hydraulic pressure control

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