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Sonics Debuting Powerful New 15 kHz Integrated Ultrasonic Welding Press at NPEAll-in-one welder accommodates larger parts


 At NPE, Sonics will be debuting the new X-Press 15 kHz integrated welder - an all-in-one super-rigid ultrasonic welding press with a built-in ultrasonic generator and microprocessor. Offering more power and amplitude than Sonics’ existing 20 kHz X-Press, the 15 kHz model neatly accommodates the “in-between” part size that may be too large for 20 kHz, but too small for the larger conventional welders.

Eliminating the need for a separate power supply, the 15 kHz X-Press nimbly handles larger part size requirements while still delivering consistent reliability across a range of medium to larger applications.

The press features a single-piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub, easy-access front panel pneumatic control and microprocessor keypad controls. The new 2500 watt X-Press offers a smaller footprint, along with a smaller price tag, than a traditional non-integrated, larger welding system and welds in digital time and/or constant energy modes.

This all-in-one welder can handle medium to larger parts and is perfect for applications conducive to frequency versus size considerations.   The 15 kHz frequency provides greater amplitude and increased energy transmission than is typically available at the 20 kHz frequency.

Engineered to provide maximum rigidity and user-friendly convenience in a single space-saving unit, the X-Press combines digital amplitude control, ultrasonic horn/stack frequency display, and timers (for weld, hold, delay and after burst), with a heavy-duty 3.75” steel column diameter (0.50” wall thickness), direct in-line air cylinder, and a single rail linear slide.

Other standard features include ultrasonic power load meter, upper and lower weld limit settings, and back-lit LCD display. All models include soft-start overload protection circuitry, load regulation circuitry and digital wattage display. CNC precision-machined components, quick-release column clamps and head-adjust hand wheel with counterbalance head spring are also standard. To further simplify radial horn alignment a high-efficiency snap-in converter rotates 360 degrees. A threaded positive stop provides for fine adjustment and limits the downward travel of the horn.

Also new for NPE, is a new Sonics’ 35 kHz OEM ultrasonic kit, with a new space-saving design and powerful new features, including multi-plexing, LED indicator lights and Ethernet IP technology (including PROFINET communication).

The ultrasonic kits will offer up to 8 channels for sequencing; new LED indicator lights for power output, Ethernet IP connection and overload conditions; and a new weld to peak power function                       

Visit Sonics & Materials in Booth # W2403 to see the new 15 kHz X-Press and learn more about the latest advances in ultrasonic technology.




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