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Sonics’ Article on Ultrasonic Welding appears in Plastics Decorating MagazineFive Factors Influencing a Successful Ultrasonic Weld in July/August issue


Sonics & Materials, Inc. is pleased to announce that Brian Gourley’s article on critical factors influencing a successful ultrasonic weld is featured in the July/August issue of Plastics Decorating magazine.

The article is available online at the link below:


In the article, Brian Gourley, Sonics’ North American Sales Manager, Welding Product Line, presents a brief overview of the basic principle of ultrasonic assembly and then details five important factors that contribute to a successful ultrasonic weld:

            - Welding frequencies

            - Materials considerations

            - Joint design impact

            - Tooling and fixtures

            - Welding parameters

While the topics are covered in some depth, in order to select the best processes, equipment and techniques for a particular application or parts production demands, consult directly with an ultrasonic equipment manufacturer, as they have the unique experience and knowledge in this specialized field.



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