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Tube SealersUltrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Systems

Fast, clean and repeatable sealing of plastic or laminated collapsible squeeze tubes in a single step process. Advanced systems offering an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, efficient process for sealing tubes across a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Systems are available with integral base for manual operation or power head actuator for automated in-line production systems.

  • Strength of tube seal not compromised by presence of contaminants like ink, dye, powder, emulsion, etc.
  • Minimal extrusion of excess plastic and/or laminate tube material.
  • Tube materials need not be pre-heated.
  • Cost-saving on-demand energy usage vs. continuous energy.
  • Seal strengths attainable to 100% of the parent material.
  • Instantaneous solidification of bonded material.
  • Optional product coding available (anvil side)

20 kHz Model T201M

20 kHz Model T20M

40 kHz Model T40M

40 kHz Model T40M

Power Supply

power supply

Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic generators with automatic frequency tuning, multiple job storage and digital amplitude control. Available in 800, 1200, 2200 and 3500 watts.

  • Model GXT – Weld by digital time mode
  • Model GXE – Weld by digital time or constant energy mode

Ordering Information

Description Model No.
20 kHz bench-top tube sealing system Model T201M
20 kHz tube sealing power-head actuator Model T201A
40 kHz bench-top tube sealing system Model T40M
40 kHz tube sealing power-head actuator Model T40A

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