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Clamshell SealersUltrasonic Clamshell Sealing Systems

Fast, clean and repeatable sealing of plastic clamshells in a single step process. Advanced systems offer an energy-saving, cost-effective, efficient process for sealing tamper-proof clamshell packages. Systems are available as bench-top presses and hand held welding systems, examples shown below. For more information, click here to contact our packaging technology specialists.

Model X-Press

Model X-Press

Features integral power supply

  • 20 kHz bench press with single-piece, cast aluminum base and built-in power supply
  • Front panel pneumatic and microprocessor controls
  • FEA-designed, “boxed” aluminum support frame and thick wall column for enhanced rigidity
  • Weld by digital time or constant energy mode

Hand Held Clamshell Sealers

Hand Held Clamshell Sealer


  • Available in 20, 30 and 40 kHz frequencies
  • Standard and custom tips available
  • Custom horns available at 40 kHz
  • Programmable welding modes / digital amplitude control
  • Systems are comprised of hand held welder and ultrasonic power supply

View Model X-Press Data Sheet

View Hand Held Clamshell Sealers Data Sheet