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Sonics to debut Breakthrough Technology for Ultrasonic Gusset Sealing and Pouch Sealing at Pack ExpoPatent-pending technology offers new solutions for sealing challenges


At Pack Expo, Sonics will be debuting their new patent-pending technology for creating hermetic seals on gusset bag cross seals, as well as demonstrating an innovative new seal pattern that dramatically increases pouch seal strength.

Gusset Sealing Breakthrough

The new gusset sealing technology enables ultrasonic sealing across multiple layers of film and produces seals that nearly double the vacuum test values of current industry standard heat seal components.

Ultrasonic sealing has become well known in the packaging world for delivering the most consistent and reliable seals possible, especially when there is a risk of product contamination in the seal area.  Previously, these benefits could only be applied to pillow bags and pouch top seals where primarily two layers of film are present.

Sealing across the multiple layers of film present in gussets will enable ultrasonic technology to be utilized in completely new applications, such as stand-up pouch side seals and gusset bag cross seals.   Highly reliable hermetic ultrasonic seals in these applications will extend the shelf life of countless foods and consumer products.  The new technology has even shown to be successful sealing across the side gusset and simultaneously crushing the integral zipper without any special tooling modification. 

The innovative and flexible design can accommodate most bag configurations. 

New Pouch Sealing Technology

Sonics’ new T201WD pouch seal head uses a unique seal pattern that increases seal strength while eliminating film stress typical in other ultrasonic pouch seals.

The system introduces two “industry firsts” – the first self-leveling tooling and the first easy access tooling door for ease of maintenance.

Offering a cost-effective solution for challenging top seals when there is a possibility of product contamination in the seal area, the system features a proven rack and pinion design with dual air cylinders to provide high clamp forces.  Designed with compact dimensions and mirror-image heads for close centerline spacing in duplex applications, there are mounting configurations available to fit most rotary and in-line pouch filling machines.

Additional features include integrated cooling of ultrasonic components and IP-65 rating for wash-down environments.

Visit Sonics & Materials in Booth # 10505 to test ultrasonic sealing on your materials and learn more about the latest advances in ultrasonic packaging technology.


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