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Sonics Announces new Packaging Technology ManagerIndustry Expert on Ultrasonic Sealing of Flexible Films for Packaging


Sonics & Materials, Inc. is pleased to announce that Bill Aurand is their new Packaging Technology Manager, expanding the company’s commitment to the flexible packaging market, with a focus on the development of innovative technologies and equipment designed specifically for the packaging industry.

Bill has worked in the ultrasonic sealing industry for over 30 years, specializing in developing technologies for the ultrasonic sealing of flexible films for packaging. In this capacity, he has been invited to speak on the subject of ultrasonic film sealing at ANTEC events and the Global Pouch Forum.

Having hands-on experience with a wide and varied range of ultrasonic film sealing applications, Bill has developed a unique expertise in just how the many benefits of ultrasonic sealing can be applied to the packaging of consumables, such as: food and beverage bags and pouches; liquid and powdered chemical product packaging; retort pouches; and liquid soap and detergent packaging.

Sonics’ ultrasonic film sealing technology includes top seals on horizontal pouch filling machinery; ultrasonic cross and back seals on vertical form, fill and seal machines; ultrasonic zipper crush; tube sealing; blister packs; clamshells; aseptics; plunge and continuous ultrasonic film sealing.  

Bill will be working with Sonics’ Applications Engineers to expand and customize the ultrasonic packaging technologies currently offered through Sonics’ line of sealing equipment, which includes tube / pouch sealing actuators, hand held welding systems and ultrasonic kits and components. 


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