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Rigorous Quality ControlAmerican Made. ISO 9001:2015 certified by DQS Inc.

quality control

We have made substantial investments in our systems, processes and operations because making a top quality product is top of mind for all Sonics employees. We are a US-based, ISO 9001:2015 certified by DQS Inc. manufacturer with in-house tooling capabilities and a high-tech ultrasonic applications lab onsite. Our products are CE compliant and TUV certified. Because we control every step in the production process, we make extremely reliable ultrasonic technologies that perform at a near zero failure rate in the field. For Sonics customers, our rigorous quality control assures:

  • Ultrasonic technologies that perform consistently, repeatedly and accurately
  • Highly reliable product operation in the field (less than 1% failure rate)
  • Industry leading warranties – such as our 3 year warranty on parts/labor for Sonics high intensity liquid processors

Sonics ultrasonic equipment is backed by innovative, quality-conscious technology that has earned the trust of customers across the globe for over 48 years. Contact us to learn more.