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Metal Welding

Battery Pack Welders

Weld electrical interconnections within systems such as battery packs with the ease of using a stapler. Sonics’ new UBPW ultrasonic welder can be either hand-operated, suspended from a counterweight system (as shown), or rigid-mounted within a robotic or other type of automated system. A horizontally-oriented version is also available which may be suspended or mounted to a bench top.

Ultrasonic Battery Pack Welder

Model UBPW

  • Innovative design allows operation in tight areas such as between battery tabs
  • Capapable of welding copper, aluminum and nickel to each other
  • Custom application-specific tooling
  • Low cost and easily replaceable tooling
  • No adhesives, solder or heat required
  • Parameter library allows storage of 1000 settings
  • Weld quality monitoring
  • Low power consumption

smartcontrol power supply

SmartControl Power Supplies

From the SmartControl power supply’s full color touchscreen, the operator can intuitively enter weld parameters, store them in the library and even recall them via the barcode reading feature. Weld results can be seen as numerical values and on the time based graphs. Data logging to an external PC allows the user to store data for quality analysis.

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