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New Ultrasonic Probes For Processing In Microplate


Sonics & Materials meets the demands of today’s laboratories by offering two unique multi-element probe systems specifically designed for processing up to 96 deep-well plates as well as 1.5 – 2.0 ml microtubes and 10 ml test tubes. Unlike ultrasonic baths, or microplate horns that act as ultrasonic baths, the probes deliver the intensity directly into the sample, not through the microplate walls where a great percentage of energy can be absorbed. And, unlike single probes with grooved protrusions, these composite probes act as mechanical amplifiers. With ultrasonics, the greater the mass ratio between the probe upper section and the lower section, the greater the intensity at the probe tip. These 20 kHz multi-element probes consist of a coupler and multiple 1/8" (3 mm) replaceable stepped microtips, spaced 23/32" (18 mm) apart. Prior to assembly, both the coupler and microtips are tested to ensure that their resonant frequency and length are as required. Once assembled, the probe is energized, and tested with fiber optic instrumentation to ascertain that the excursion at the tip of each element is within specified tolerance. The complete assembly is approximately 10" (260 mm) long. The probes can be mounted onto a laboratory stand or incorporated into an automated x-y positioning system to satisfy high-throughput requirements.

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