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Sonics Debuts new e-Press Touch Ultrasonic ElectroPressTM at NPE


New system has power supply and controller in a single box with touch screen controls. At NPE, Sonics & Materials, Inc. introduced its new e-Press Touch, an ultrasonic stepper motor welder with touch-panel technology, and, unique to the industry, a single streamlined box containing both the controller and power supply. The e-Press Touch consists of an electric stepper motor press with optical linear encoder for high-precision, repeatable welds (depth tolerance of +/- 0.0003 in.) and a unified touch-screen controller/power supply. The new touch panel features dynamic full-color menus designed for optimal weld control, monitoring and networking. User-friendly navigation and intuitive command flow simplify the high-precision welding process. Along with touch screen technology, the system incorporates advanced new control and monitoring features, such as: - VNC (Virtual Network Computing) for PC’s and tablets - Graph plotting (Power versus Time and Force versus Time) - Uploadable event logging, including e-stop, motor stall, log-in and under / over weld events - Trend capture with virtually unlimited storage, reference by date or cycle - Trend plotting (all variables - weld data and energy, peak power, peak force) - Weld to peak power - Welding Set-up Wizard with handy calculation pop-up screens The e-Press touch system is available in the frequencies of 40 kHz (at 400 and 800 watts power) and 20 kHz (from 1200 to 3500 watts power), offering a precision-controlled weld depth tolerance of +/- 0.0003 in. (.008 mm). Standard features include programmable digital force, velocity, and distance; automatic frequency tuning; password-protected, four-level user access; virtually unlimited job storage (with user-selectable titles up to 20 characters); and upper and lower limit settings for energy, power and force. The benchtop press features a single piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and hub with in-line load cell for precise force triggering; linear ball screw actuator; single rail linear slide and rigid mount booster technology. Additional software features include: ultrasonics load meter scale; absolute and incremental distance modes; soft start overload protection circuitry; English and Metric units of measurement; and I/O test. Also at NPE, Sonics introduced its 30 kHz benchtop welding press. At 30 kHz frequency, the Model 3050 Press offers microprocessor control and consistent reliability with features such as digital amplitude control; ultrasonic horn / stack frequency display; good part / bad part output signal; and a 30% smaller power supply footprint. The 3050 system is available in 1200 watts power and in 3 weld modes (weld by digital time; digital time or constant energy; or digital time, constant energy or distance). Standard features include automatic frequency tuning, multiple job storage, digital force triggering, calibration pulse, ultrasonics load meter scale and upper/lower weld limit settings. The benchtop press features a single piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and hub with in-line load cell for precise force triggering; single rail linear slide and 360 degree converter alignment.

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Since 1969, Sonics & Materials, Inc. has been a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding technology, manufacturing the industry’s most advanced welding systems, including large-part linear vibration welders and spin welding machines. The company, which is ISO 9001 certified, designs and builds a complete line of hand-held, bench-top and semi-automated welding systems, and offers OEM components, in-house application assistance, materials testing laboratory service, global sales and distribution network and on-site field service. Automotive, industrial, medical, packaging, toy, appliance, consumer and synthetic textile manufacturers around the world use Sonics’ standard or customized equipment to weld the full spectrum of commodity and engineering materials.


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