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Sonics' New High Volume Flow Cell for Ultrasonic Liquid Processing


Nanomaterials, CNT, MWT, graphene products, and pharmaceutical products all need to be deagglomerated and dispersed into carrier materials. One of the best methodologies for accomplishing this is the use of Vibra-Cell™ Ultrasonic Liquid Processing equipment, manufactured by Sonics and Materials of Newtown, CT.

Sonics’ new high volume, flow-cell products accomplish these tasks easily and efficiently and include the Model 2L High Volume Flow Cell system, a Dual-Cell System and HE (High Efficiency) Ultrasonic Probes.

The Model 2L High Volume Flow Cell utilizes High Efficiency Probes to provide large capacity processing of products such as CNT’s, nano-particulates, graphenes, and difficult to process liquid ultrasonic applications, such as inks, conductive epoxies, and any nano-liquids. The flow cell is well-suited for nanotechnology and pharmaceutical applications due to its all stainless steel construction with sanitary fittings, making clean-out and sterilization simple and easy.

The Dual Cell System also uses HE Probes to yield high output. It can be used with a stand or mounted independently and can be customized for unique applications.

For additional information and photos of these flow cells, simply click here.

All Sonics’ HE probes are made from a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V), which render them completely autoclaveable and highly resistant to most chemistries.

Additional ultrasonic flow-cells are also available for all volumes of materials from gallons to micro-liters.


About Sonics

Sonics is an ISO 9001-certified company that manufactures the most technologically advanced line of high-intensity ultrasonic liquid processors in the industry for applications such as dispersing, blending, cleaning, cell disruption, sample prep, homogenization, emulsification and atomization. The systems safely process a wide range of organic/inorganic materials (microliters to liters). Sonics also produces a full range of ultrasonic probes, microtips, glassware and accessories.

Sonics’ plastics assembly division manufactures 40-, 20- and 15 kHz ultrasonic welding equipment, large-part linear vibration welding systems, spin welding machines, and other plastics joining equipment. Sonics’ metal welding division designs and builds ultrasonic metal welding systems for applications such as wire processing, cable termination and tube sealing.

For all divisions, Sonics offers in-house application assistance, materials testing laboratory service, on-site field service, plus a global sales and distribution network.


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