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Sonics Keeps Supply Chain Moving to Meet Demands for Lab Equipment during Pandemic


Newtown manufacturing company Sonics & Materials, Inc., deemed an essential business, has been operating continuously throughout the coronavirus crisis to meet customers’ needs as they address peak demand for lab equipment and PPE items.

Manufacturing ultrasonic equipment in Connecticut for over 5 decades, Sonics & Materials, Inc. delivers high intensity ultrasonic liquid processors as well as welding systems that are used for textile and plastics assembly. The company’s liquid processing laboratory instrument division has been providing equipment to research labs and companies developing coronavirus rapid tests, treatments and vaccines. 

To keep their customers equipped with what they are needing to fight coronavirus, and to continue operating through the pandemic, Sonics has had to adapt to a totally new business model, with many employees working remotely from home and on-site manufacturing personnel divided into 2 teams with alternating schedules for increased social distancing. Not to mention the new implementation of disinfecting and sanitizing routines that were unheard of just a few months ago.

Sonics has adapted to the new normal, however, and Lauren Soloff, company president, is very proud of how employees have responded to this unique and unprecedented crisis in which manufacturing companies are playing their most critical role since the second Word War. “Like our fellow manufacturers across the country, we are committed to helping our customers fight this pandemic, while delivering our products and service in a way that maintains the health and safety of our employees.  The dedication our employees have shown in this effort has been inspiring.  In fact, I notice a new spirit amongst all of us at the company which I think comes from a genuine desire to actively contribute to this fight we all find ourselves in now.”

Sonics manufactures high intensity ultrasonic liquid processors that are used in a variety of lab processes including biotechnology, homogenization, nanotechnology, cell lysing, and DNA shearing. This equipment is used by many of the hospitals, labs, universities, and research centers that are involved in fighting coronavirus.

Recently, Sonics has delivered liquid processing systems and accessories like probes and flocells to several companies working on the development of a vaccine, a rapid testing system and solutions to combat the spread of microbes like COVID-19. 


About Sonics

Since 1969, Sonics & Materials, Inc. has been a world leader in the field of ultrasonic technology, manufacturing the industry’s most advanced ultrasonic liquid processors, plastics assembly equipment and metal welding systems. The company, which is ISO 9001 certified, designs and builds a complete line of ultrasonic processors as well as hand-held, bench-top and semi-automated welding systems for plastics and metal bonding. Sonics offers in-house application assistance, materials testing laboratory service, global sales and distribution network and on-site field service. Research institutions, scientific labs, universities, chemists, engineers and scientists across the globe use our processors for a multitude of applications. Automotive, industrial, medical, packaging, toy, appliance, consumer and synthetic textile manufacturers use Sonics’ standard or customized equipment to weld the full spectrum of commodity and engineering materials.



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