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Benefits of Ultrasound Cannabis Extraction

A study that was published in The Journal of Food Science and conducted at Sopron University in Hungary looked into the benefits of ultrasound cannabis extraction. A team of Hungarian researchers used alcohol as a solvent and low-frequency ultrasound to enhance the extraction of bioactive chemicals from the cannabis plant. There was also a control extraction with no sonication to draw comparisons… View More


Understanding Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction

The market for cannabis extracts has expanded exponentially as the cannabis industry has experienced huge growth lately largely due to fast-moving legislative changes. Likewise, ultrasonic cannabis extraction is growing rapidly in popularity as the preferred extraction method for many processors and converters. Ultrasonic processing is ideally suited for producing beneficial cannabinoid extracts due to its unique ability to focus energy directly where required to… View More


High Efficiency Probe Technology

Ultrasonic liquid processing lends itself to all volumes of materials, from ‘microliters’ to ‘macroliters’. However, as the dwell time or contact time is paramount to exposing the fluid to the ultrasonically produced cavitation and thus the energy dispersion effect, mechanical means of extending this exposure time are needed to process large volumes of fluids. To accomplish this, the surface area of a probe is significant to the… View More


How to get the best results from Ultrasonic Liquid Atomization

Unlike conventional atomizing nozzles which rely on pressure and high-velocity motion to shear a fluid into small drops, an ultrasonic atomizer uses only ultrasonic vibrational energy for atomization. Deemed a “green” technology because of its low energy consumption and high efficiency rate, ultrasonic atomization is perfect for critical fluid applications. The liquid can be dispensed to the atomizing probe (nozzle) by either gravity feed or a small low-pressure… View More